Redner Gets Chair Thrown at him on Cable Access by Mitch E.Perry


Hillsborough County Commission candidate Joe Redner says he wants to move on after having a chair thrown at him on a cable access program over the weekend.

Redner was a guest on a program called “The Bleepin Truth�, where he went up against a man named Tony Katz, who the Tampa Tribune describes as a Republican and internet radio host.

The two panelists, who have previously verbally dueled on the television show in the past, then got into over Israel…At one point Redner objected to being called a liar…He then called Katz “fat�.(roll tape# o.q.�here you are, Joe�)

At that point in the show (which can be seen on the Internet at throws off his microphone clipped to his body and storms off the set – but then immediately tosses a chair towards Redner (roll tape#2 o.q.�that is assault�)

Redner will not press for charges…But he did talk to WMNF about the incident (roll tape#2 o.q.� it felt like I won�)

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