McBride still wants apology from Katherine Harris by Mitch E.Perry


Last night in Naples, GOP Senate candidate Will McBride went after Katherine Harris, demanding that she write an apology to him and to all Latino voters in Florida for letting someone in her campaign ask a question at a candidates forum about his ethnicity last week.

Last Friday in North Reddington Beach, during the Q&A portion of the Forum of the Senate candidates, a supporter of Harris named Jackie Brownhill accused McBride of changing his name from Rodriguez to McBride.

So last night, at a similar affair in Naples, McBride demanded that Harris write an apology to him and all Latino voters in Florida for letting someone in her campaign set Brownhill up to ask the offensive question. McBride said just because he looks Latino, it doesn't mean he has to have a surname like Rodriguez. McBride said Brownhill told him the Harris campaign instructed her to ask the question.

WMNF spoke with Will McBride this afternoon about the incident…We asked him if he knows for sure that this woman – Miss Brownhill – asked the question at the behest of somebody else affiliate with the Katherine Harris campaign(roll tape#1 o.q.�we’re not going to reveal it at this time�)

Last night in Napels, after McBride confronted her, Katherine Harris did say “ it would be a stupid campaign strategy to set someone up to do that," Harris said. "I can assure you that neither I or anyone on my management team would ever do something like that."

Harris said she had "worked so closely with Hispanics throughout my tenure as a state senator, then as secretary of state" on a variety of issues and was offended by the woman who asked the question.

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