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About 30 people came together Tuesday night to attend a World Café at the Tampa Museum of Art. The event was sponsored by Creative Tampa Bay as part of their “Things Look Different Here� series of discussions, which they hope will lead to a more exciting community, focused on art, culture, and increased entrepreneurship.

WMNF’s Stan Davis was there and filed this report.

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[Actuality 1- Montage begins with Melinda Chavez… “…Hooters.�]

Wait a minute! Who are “THEY� and what was that all about. Let’s go back to the beginning…

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[Actuality 2- Reverso to Melinda… “… to make a difference in the community.�]

Tuesday evening, Melinda Chavez, of Creative Tampa Bay, moderated a World Café for about 30 participants. A World Café is sort of like an informal focus group where attendees move from table to table and discuss ideas.

The central idea on the table last night was what is the Baby Boomer effect on Tampa Bay.

And, it was all part of an ongoing effort to put Tampa Bay on the map as a vibrant, creative community that will attract world-class professionals to come here… and then stay here.

But CTB’s research shows the Bay area has some charactersistics that might work against this vision.

Melinda Chavez…

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[Actuality 3- Melinda- “… we don’t tend to go out very much… that is changing.�]

The people who came Tuesday were asked to figure out what to do about all this, particularly in relation to a high influx of older Northerners calling the Bay area home and how to leverage this as entrepreneurs.

Although CTB stresses diversity in its publications, and talks about it as a way towards dynamic change, the audience was nearly all white, middle-income, and in the arts. This came up in the feedback segment…

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[Actuality 4- “Diversity�]

And that highlighted, for some, a concern about the entire process of these World Cafes. The participants are homogeneous and, to a large extent, appeared unfamiliar with the issues they are being tasked to discuss.

While the organizers-- who make no bones about how they hope their corporate underwriters will use this market research –seem unable to put together a more representative group for their research.

Nonetheless, the project is ongoing, and may be viewed at www- dot –creative tampa bay – dot com (

For WMNF, I’m Stan Davis

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