In the run up to the September primaries and mid-term elections, a statewide advocacy group called on members of congress today to support laws that reduce global warming.

ACT: We’re calling on our local representatives

That was Mark Kustelski of the Florida Public Interest Research Group, or FPIRG speaking as he stood in front of a large blow-up globe with flames painted on the bottom to represent global warming.

As a non-partisan organization FPIRG does not formally endorse candidates.

But today it singled out two politicians looking for re-election this year.

ACT: First we would like to thank Sen Bill Nelson for his leadership….in calling for science based reductions of global warming pollutants.

Nelson will defend his senate seat against a GOP candidate that has yet to be nominated. Polls show Nelson’s likely Republican opponent will probably be beleagured congresswoman Katherine Harris.

The other politician hailed by FPIRG as a friend of the environment was US Representative Jim Davis, also a Democrat.

ACT: Rep Jim Davis has been absolutely phenomenal on most environmental issues that we work on.

Davis is looking to move from Capitol Hill to Tallahasse to become Florida’s next governor, but first he has to beat Rod Smith to win the Democratic party’s nomination.

FPIRG called the conference today to renew focus on the global warming issue, which it says specifically affects Florida.

ACT: The stakes are particularly high for Florida… climate… visitors… producer of fresh fruit… severe hurricanes, severe droughts, rising sea levels…o.q. “impact economic prosperity�

According to research compiled by FPIRG, Florida is the third highest producer of carbon emissions out of all the states in the union. The group blames power plants, cars and SUVs as the biggest contributors to the state’s pollution output.

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