State to fund Upgrades/Insurance by Mitch E. Perry


Yesterday a new program that the state legislature approved this year, to provide home improvements to Floridians to protect against hurricanes, officially kicked into gear.

Home owners – or we should say- single family homesteaded homeowners with insurance replacement values of $500,000 or less – are eligible, by either calling the StateDepartment of Financial Services, or visiting the website my-safe-florida-home.Com.

Nina Bannister is a spokesperson with the Florida Department of Financial Service…She talked to WMNF about how this program will now work (roll tape#1 o.q.�looking at�)

That’s Ninan Banister, from the Florida Department of Financial Services, discussing the state’s new program to provide as much as $5,000 per home in matching dollars for improvements that help protect properties against hurricanes. The website to submit an application for an inspection of your home to potentially qualify for those home improvements is …or you can cal1 1-800-342-2762

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