Hillsborough Commission talks about Adult Businesses by Mitch E. Perry


Hillsborough County Commissioners today discussed a referendum that will be placed on this November’s ballot that will ask voters whether local governments should regulate erotic dance clubs and adult movie theaters "to the fullest extent allowed by law."

The referendum is nonbinding, but the commissioners intentions are twofold.To put pressure on Tampa public officials to adopt the same rules the County will have – and also to bring out those voters – presumably conservative - who will want to come to the polls to vote for it this fall.

However, cities are not legally required to follow county ordinances. Since nearly every adult establishment in the area is actually in Tampa, it remains to be seen whether any of the debate will amount to any changes.

At today’s discussion, opponents and proponents of the proposed ordinance were given an hour to advocate for and against the proposal, before the public was allowed to weigh in.

Dr. Randy Fischer works at the University of Central Florida as a Psychology Professor. He condemned the idea of ‘adverse secondary effects’ from adult businesses (roll tape#1o.q.�whatsoever�)

Other speakers followed in opposing the ordinance, but none was more explicit than, a cultural anthropologist from the University of Maryland (roll tape#2 o.q.� just dirty dancing�)

Scott Bergthold is the Chattanooga, Tennessee, lawyer hired by Hillsborough County to review its adult ordinance…He commented on Dr. Hannah’s analysis (roll tape#3 o.q.�Today�)

Mons Venus owner and County Commission Joe Redner called out individuals County Commissioners in disagreeing with their position on the issue (roll tape#4 o.q.�or getting messed up�)

David Caton is the President of the Florida Family Association, and says he represents over 4,000 members who wants stricter regulations on adult businesses (roll tape#5 o.q.�thank you�)

This is one man in Brandon who is against nude dancing (roll tape#6 o.q.�for nothing�)

Steve Stratus represents an adult club (roll tape#7 o.q.�and vote�)

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