Tom Gallagher


As Tom Gallagher tries to climb back from perhaps as a 20 point deficit to Charlie Crist in the race for the Republican nomination for Governor, conservative supporters of Florida’s CFO seized on an article in today’s St Petersburg Times questioning where Crist stands on abortion.

The article begins: Charlie Crist – pro-choice, pro-life, or pro-family, or all 3?

This afternoon Gallagher supporters held a telephone conference call, denouncing Crist as being no different than a pro-choice Democrat, and maybe worse, for not having a clear cut position on the issue of abortion.

John Stemberger is president and general counsel of the Florida Family Policy Council says Crist’s record on abortion is so pro-choice he should be called a RINO – Republican in name only (roll tape#1 o.q.�intellectually dishonest�)

Although the Gallagher campaign has been trying to get the message across to Republican voters about the differences between him and Crist on core conservative issues, it has seemingly made little impact in polls, which show him down by a good 20 points or so….

But Tampa Bay Area Representative Trey Treviesa says he thinks the tide is starting to turn (roll tape#2 o.q.�state of Florida�)

Treviesa assailed Crist on his convictions, saying the Attorney General stands next to where the polls say he should.

Bob Touchston is the Former Executive Director of The Florida Right To Life organization ….He invoked a favorite GOP insult, comparing Crist to failed Democratic Presidential candidate John Kerry (roll tape#3 o.q.�with Charlie Crist�)

Representative Dennis Baxley, one of the most conservative members of the Florida legislature, took exception to the fact that he said Charlie Crist didn’t answer every question in returning a questionnaire from the Christian Coalition (roll tape#1 o.q.�with Charlie Crist�)

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