DIANE WILSON, Fisherwoman, Code Pink from Crawford, TX w/ Mary Glenney, Women's Show


Diane Wilson, just back from the Middle East meeting with Iraqi parliamentarians and Lebanon, talked from Crawford, TX. She talked about the support near Fort Hood in Texas. She also talked about the experience of the Code Pink/Troops Home Fast delegation that went to Jordan. They talked with a majority of the parliamentarians in Iraq -- both Sunni and Shiites (not the Kurds). They said they wanted the troops out "yesterday." They want the insurgents legitimized, they consider them freedom fighters. They despise the constitution and want it re-written. They want amnesty for many offenses (as in our Civil War). They do have a 28-point peace plan that they could all live with and would like to talk with the U.S. about implementing -- they would like to come to the U.S. to talk with leaders here. The U.S. is viewed as an occupation there. They also went to Syria and Lebanon. The Lebanese people were furious at the U.S. because they felt they were very involved in the actions and felt it was a preview to Iran.

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