Rod Smith speaks to WMNF by Mitch E. Perry


WMNF interviewed StateSenator & Democratic gubernatorial candidate Rod Smith – the other Democrat in the race for Governor….We began our early morning conversation with the Senator this morning by asking if HE was concerned that over 50% of registered Democrats still don’t know who to vote for with only 2 weeks left go in the race (roll tape#@1 o.q.except one person�)

That’s state Senator and Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Rod Smith…A program note; WMNF will broadcast live to you, a debate between Rod Smith and Jim Davis, taking place here in Tampa, and moderated by our Rob Lorei…That takes place Wenesday night at 8PM….and we will take your phone calls after the debate for half an hour….We will also be simulcasting tomorrow night’s GOP Gubernatorial debate between Charlie Crist and Tom Gallagher…That begins at 8PM, and will open the phones from 9 to 9:30 PM, to get your comments …That begins tomorrow night

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