Smith vs. Davis by Mitch E. Perry


In an internet chat session, Jim Davis says that as governor, one thing he would like to do is review the various tax exemptions that so many different companies enjoy.

The issue has bi-partisan support….Former Republican State Senator John McKay has tried for years – first thru the legislature and then thru an amendment – to have an independent group review the many many groups and businesses that enjoy such exemptions.

But the Rod Smith Campaign says that while in the state House, Davis supported MORE than $425 million dollars in annual tax breaks.

David Kochman is a spokesman for Rod Smith (roll tape#1 o.q.� those types of handouts�)

In their press release issued today, the Smith campaign says Congressman Davis supported tax exemptions for such things as Ostrich feed, the Professional Golf Hall of Fame, and opera and ballet ticket, among others.

Also, the Davis camp is accusing the sugar industry in Florida of bankrolling a ‘cash-strapped campaign’…..That’s after the release of a new television ad paid for by a group called Florida’s Working Families, which has ties to the company U.S. Sugar, that is extremely close to Rod Smith….Danae Jones is a spokesperson for Jim Davis (roll tape#2 oq..�another candidate�)

Later this afternoon, Jones informed WMNF that WTVT- the local Fox affiliate here in Tampa, was pulling the ad, after attorneys for Davis complained that the ad was false.

Davis supporters say that Smith’s alliance with U.S. Sugar is problematic for those who care about the environment. Rod Smith spokesman David Kotchman (roll tape#3 o.q.�as governor�)

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