Sarasota Congressional Race Part 1 - by MItch E. Perry


With the unpopularity of Republicans nationwide this year, National Democrats are hoping they might be able to steal a seat in Florida’s 13th Congressional District, which has been represented by Katherine Harris the past 4 years.

But Harris’s departure to run for Senate has created a free for all in the GOP race – and has become one of the most expensive, and nastiest in the country.

The Democratic race isn’t that nasty, although Jan Schneider is complaining about ads run against her by her competitior, Christine Jennings.

WMNF takes a closer look at this Democratic Primary race.
Tonight, WMNF speaks to Jan Schneider. Tomorrow, we’ll speak with Christine Jennings.

We began our interview with Jan Schneider by asking about what she would tell Democratic voters in the District what are the key differences between her and Jennings….Schneider took the opportunity to blast Jennings for some recent mailers and ads (roll tape#1 o.q.�medical facility�)

That’s Jan Schneider, a Democratic candidate for Congress in Florida’s 13th Congressional District. That’s Hardee, DeSoto and Sarasota Counties in their entirety, as well as the vast majority of Manatee County.

Tomorrow night we’ll hear from the other Democrat in that race, Christine Jennings.

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