John Russell to face Ginny Brown-Waite for Congress in the 5th Congressional District


John Russell wins Democratic Nomination for Congress for District 5

On Tuesday night, Dade City registered nurse practitioner and Democratic party firebrand John Russell won the race for the Democratic nomination for Congress in Florida’s 5th Congressional District.

He will now face Ginny Brown-Waite in November.

This was John Russell’s 2nd try for office. In an interview with WMNF today, the 50 year old Russell says he knows it won’t be easy to defeat the Republican incumbent, but plans on making it an exciting 2 months before the November 7th election. (roll tape#1 o.q.�difficult time doing so�)

Florida's 5th Congressional District comprises all of or parts of Pasco County, Hernando County, Lake County, Citrus County, Levy County, Marion County. It was re-drawn by Republicans after the latest census in 2002, which no doubt contributed to Ginny Brown-Waite defeating at the time Democratic incumbent Karen Thurman, now the State Democratic Party Chairwoman.

But Russell says he’s heard directly from Republicans in the District who will vote for him in November (roll tape#2 o.q.�the direction of this country�)

Ginny Brown-Wait has NOT necessarily been a rubber stamp for President Bush’s policies, differing substantially from him regarding his stances on immigration and the the Arab group, Dubai Ports World, buying several American seaports….But on most other issues, she is in lockstep with the President. Democratic Congressional candidate John Russell says he’ll link Brown-Waite with the President (roll tape#3 “in District 5�)

To learn more about John Russell’s candidacy, go to the web at

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