REMEMBERING 9/11 TAMPA - Elaine Nichols and Anita Stewart w/ Mary Glenney, Women's Show


Remembering 9/11

ELAINE NICHOLS, 9/11 Truth Contact. Elaine will talk about the 3 commemorative events in Tampa, Monday, 9/11/06. For those who perished in New York & Washington DC five years ago on 9/11, for the First Responders and Families who still suffer today, for our troops in Afghanistan & Iraq, and for all the innocent civilians killed in war torn lands. 9/11 Fifth Anniversary MEMORIAL SERVICE Prayer & Minute of Silence at 8:46 AM. 911 Veterans for Peace Rally - Gandy & S Dale Mabry 4:30 – 7: 30 PM. Premier of New 9/11 Film 7:00 – 9:00 PM at the Jan Platt Library, 3910 South Manhattan Avenue, Tampa. Special Guest Ray McGovern will introduce the film, "911 Mysteries Part 1: Demolitions."

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