President Bush is again warning Iran's leaders to stop their nuclear program and start talking about it -- warning of what he calls "consequences" if they keep stalling. Bush says once Tehran stops enriching uranium, the U-S "will come to the table." Otherwise, he says the Iranians face sanctions for defying the United Nations Security Council. Bush is warning that "time is of the essence." Iran was a key topic for Bush and the president of France when they met this morning in New York. The French leader is no fan of the sanctions threat. Instead, Paris wants to end that threat if Iran agrees to stop its nuclear activities and hold talks.

ROBERT NAIMAN, National coordinator of Just Foreign Policy, Naiman said today: "President Bush is calling on the world to 'stand up for peace' but he has refused to pledge not to launch a military attack on Iran, even if negotiations over its nuclear program are successful. Instead, his military officials are revising plans for air strikes on Iran, while his Director of National Intelligence refuses to acknowledge that a Congressional report touting the danger of Iran's nuclear program contains 'egregious, misleading, and unsubstantiated information,' in the words of the International Atomic Energy Agency."

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