Ric Burns on Andy Warhol Part I by Mitch E. Perry


Tonight and tomorrow night PBS will air on the program “American Masters�a 2 part film on Andy Warhol.

The film , called “Andy Warhol:A Documentary film�, runs 2 hours on both nights, and is directed by Ric Burns. Burns has had previous success with his biographical documentaries about the playwright Eugene O’Neill and the photographer Ansel Adams.

In the first of a 2 part interview, WMNF spoke with Ric Burns earlier this week. We asked him if part of what he attempted to do in the film is to make Warhol a less complex figure than what is known about his public persona ?(roll tape#1 o.q.�unpack itself in a powerful way�)

That’s filmmaker Ric Burns. The first part of his documentary on pop artist Andy Warhol airs tonight on PBS. That will be locally on WEDU , beginning at 9PM. We’ll hear more from Ric Burns on tomorrow night’s broadcast.

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