Buchanon & Jennings Get it on by Mitch E. Perry


It’s only been 2 weeks since Vern Buchanon won a brutal GOP Primary race for Congress in Florida’s 13th District. But the Car dealer , who spent more money than anybody in the country in running for a Congressional seat, is fresh out of the gate with a new television ad trying to depict his opponent, Democrat Christine Jennings, as an old fashion tax and spend liberal (roll tape#1 o.q.�run ad�)

Kathy Vermazen is the Press Secretary for Christine Jennings. She says the new ad is misleading in several ways (roll tape#2 o.q.�that Buchanon’s ad made�)

Not true, says Sally Tibbets, campaign spokeswoman for Vern Buchanon (roll tape#3 o.q.�in the local newspapers�)

In the recently concluded GOPCongressional Primary, the race got extremely nasty, particularly between Buchanon and Tramm Hudson , the former Sarasota Republican Party Chairman. Buchanon spent close to $3 million dollars, but edged out state Representative Nancy Detert by only 8 points, in a crowded 5 person race. Neither Hudson, nor Detert have endorsed Buchanon in the general election as of yet.

A poll conducted by Democratic pollsters Hamilton Beattie & Staff and released earlier in the week showed Christine Jennings up by 8 points, 46 to 38 , over Buchanon.

Christine Jennings campaign spokeswoman Kathy Vermazen says they were not surprised that Vern Buchanon has come out with an attack ad so soon in the campaign (roll tape#4 o.q.�take this type of a tone�)

Republican party officials also agree. Sarasota Party Chairman Bob Waecter told the Sarasota Herald Tribune that it would have been wise for Buchanon to allow more time for voters to forget the negatives of the primary election.

But the Buchanon camp strongly disagrees that the ad is negative. Again, spokeswoman Sally Tibbets (roll tape#5 o.q.�and that’s the point of the ad�)

Christine Jennings herself has also released a television ad, called “Change of Tone�, where she talks about herself and refrains from mentioning Vern Buchanon at all.

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