Jim Davis endorsed by the Sierra Club in Florida Governors race by Mitch E. Perry


According to the latest poll conducted by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Republican Charlie Crist leads Democrat Jim Davis by 6 points in the governor's race, but analysts say undecided voters who favor Davis on key issues could drive the contest even closer.

According to the poll, only 7 percent of Florida's likely voters are undecided. Crist and running mate, Jeff Kottkamp, would get votes from 49 percent of those polled. Davis and his running mate, Daryl Jones, are favored by 43 percent, while other candidates in the race collectively get approval from 1 percent of those sampled.

Del Ali is the President of Research 2000, the firm that conducted the Poll…He says that one reason Charlie Crist has a lead is simply name recognition (roll tape#1 o.q.�at this point�)

Meanwhile, Jim Davis won the endorsement from the Sierra Club today. (roll tape#1 o.q.�should be the next governor of Florida�) Curt Levine is Political Director for the Florida Chapter of the Sierra Club (roll tape#2 o.q.�by the election of Jim Davis�)

In the Primary elections, the Sierra Club endorsed Davis and in the GOP race, Charlie Crist. The Sierra Club’s Curt Levine says there was some discussion among chapter members of actually giving a joint endorsement for the November election.

But ultimately, the selection for the Democratic Congressman went forward. When asked what environmental issue out there was an indication of why Davis was chosen over Crist, The Sierra Club’s Curt Levine referred to a football field being built on the campus of the University of Central Florida (roll tape# 3 o.q.�one key factor�)

Congressman Davis laid out a list of his positions on environmental issues , including on overdevelopment on Florida’s coastlines. WMNF followed up on that comment, and asked the Congressman what he meant by that (roll tape#4 o.q.� our environment�)

And Davis said the state needs to plan more on a regional basis (roll tape# 5 o.q.�and protects our environment�)

The Sierra Club said that both candidates filled out extensive questionnaires before the Primary Election. The decision making was then made by a select group of Committee members.

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