State Democrats trail in other political races by Mitch E. Perry


Nationally, Democrats have been speaking optimistically about taking control of the House of Representatives after this November’s election, and perhaps even the U.S. Senate.

While that remains to be seen, the anti-Republican Party fervor may not be as great in the Sunshine State. Having said that, the rest of the Strategic Vision poll released today does not auger well for other Democrats in state wide races this fall.

In addition to Jim Davis’s deficit, In the Attorney General race, former Republican Congressman Bill McCollum leads Democratic State Senator Skip Campbell 43 to 34%.

And in the CFO race, Brandon State Senator Tom Lee leads Tampa Democrat Alex Sink 47 to 35%. More on that race in a moment.

Strategic Vision CEO David Johnson says that with these 2 races, Democrats shouldn’t feel THAT bad these races just yet (roll tape#1 o.q.�Lee and McCollum�)

Political science Professor Aubrey Jewtt from the University of Central Florida says the lack of participation amongst Democrats in this Month’s Primary does NOT bode well for them come November (roll tape# 2 o.q. “really be set�)

Also in the Strategic Vision Poll, in the race for Agriculture Commisioner, Republican incumbent Charles Bronson leads Democrat Eric Copeland 45 to 32%.

But the one saving grace – completely expected – is in the US Senate Race…Democrat Bill Nelson leads Katherine Harris, 59 to 31%.

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