New study on nuclear power by Mitch E. Perry


According to a poll published last month, Twice as many Americans support nuclear power as oppose it.

The L.A. Times/Bloomberg poll of nearly 1500 Americans said that 61 percent of respondents said they supported the increased use of nuclear power as a way to contain projected global warming, while 30 percent opposed it. The poll continues a trend of ever-increasing public support for nuclear power as a clean, economical, and environmentally friendly power source. Global warming fears have swayed many former opponents to support nuclear power. But there are plenty of others who say that nuclear power is unsafe, and people should be aware of those pitfalls.

Last week the Union of Concerned Scientists produced a report, entitled, “Walking a Nuclear Tightrope: Unlearned Lessons of Year-plus Reactor Outages�. It’s the first study to analyze every U.S. Nuclear power outage lasting a year or long.

David Lochbaum is the author of that report and director of the Nuclear Safety Project at the Union of Concerned Scientists. He told WMNF that his report shows that severe problems have caused nuclear reactors to shut down 51 times for a year or longer (roll tape#1 o.q.� economic performance�)

That’s David Lochbaum of the Union of Concerned Scientists, , author of a new report on nuclear reactors in the U.S., and what he calls the un-learned lessons of year-plus reactor outages.

You can get that report via the web at

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