Crimeline rejects tipster in Harry T. Moore case


The organization Central Florida Crimeline has decided that no one deserves the $25,000 reward in the slayings of civil-rights pioneer Harry T. Moore and his wife, casting further doubt on Attorney General Charlie Crist's recent claim that he had identified the killers.

The GOP candidate for Governor of Florida has made his record on civil rights a key aspect of his candidacy , and his announcement last month that he had resolved the 55 year old assassination of the former NAACP head had provided fresh headlines for his campaign.

But the unanimous decision by the 30 member Crimeline board to not provide a reward could damage Crist’s contention that his office did a thorough job in finding the Moore’s killers.

George MacNamara is the Executive Director of the Central Florida Crimeline. (roll tape#1 o.q.�or little information�)

McNamara said there were 18 people who came forward to provide tips to Crimeline, which offers financial rewards to solve crimes. The office is supervised by the Attorney General’s office.

Specifically, former Brevard County Sherriff’s Agent Buzzy Patterson, is being denied the reward. Patterson said he interviewed Edward Spivey, a member of the KKK, several times in the late 1970’s while investigating the slayings and had always suspected he had participated in the crime.

But the board ruled otherwise. Also, law enforcement officials are not allowed to receive such a reward.

Crimeline’s rejection of Patterson follows comments by a scholar – Florida State Professor Ben Green - that the re-opened investigation into the death of Harry and Harriett Moore by the Attorney General’s office is been flawed (roll tape#2 o.q. “ to single out these 4�)

Those 4 were all KKK members who were originally nvestigated by the FBI right after the murders, in 1952. 2 subsequent investigations also failed to solve the crime. Last month, Attorney General Crist said it had been ‘resolved’.

Naturally, Crist’s opponent in the governor’s race, Democrat Jim Davis, are noticing the developments in the case.

Danae Jones is a spokesperson for Jim Davis. She says it looks like Charlie Crist has been more interested in getting publicity than getting justice (roll tape#3 o.q.� and not publicity�)

George McNamara, Executive Director for Crimeline, says his organization does have an idea with what to do with the $25 reward money (roll tape#4 “in Mims�)

At the news conference he held with Harry & Harriett Moore’s daughter, Evangeline, last month, Charlie Crist said the case had been ‘resolved’. He also acknowledged that there could be more than the 4 Klansman that he identified, as being responsible for the Moore’s killing.

But Ben Green – who wrote a book studying the life and death of Harry T. Moore, says the results of Christ’s investigation are troubling (roll tape#5 o.q.�these are the killers of Harry T. Moore�)

When asked about yesterday about Crimeline's decision, Crist said, "I've got to review it."

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