Florida Dems ask for investigation of "Foley Five" by MItch E. Perry


Meanwhile, The Florida Democratic Party is seizing on the situation with House Republicans.

This morning, they demanded that the 5 top Republicans that have been named in published reports as having learned of the explicit e-mails, Speaker Dennis Hastert, New York’s Tom Reynolds, Illinois John Shimkus, House Majority Leader John Boehner and Louisiana Congressman Rodney Alexander, must be investigated. Mark Bubriski is with the Florida Democratic Party (roll tape#1�Congressional Committee�)

And Mark Bubriski with the Florida Democratic Party says that the nature of what’s occurred won’t allow for Republicans to try to walk away from this situation (roll tape#2 o.q.�get away with this one�)

In Addition, the Florida Democratic Party is calling for GOP Congressional candidates like Vern Buchanon and Clay Shaw to give up campaign funds that Mark Foley directly gave to them – that’s already with several candidates across the country.

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