FACTORS 19th Annual Breast Cancer Education Conference by Dawn Morgan


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LEAD 19 years ago a forum to provide resources and educate women with breast cancer, along with their families, was created at the Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute. Patients named the forum FACTORS, or Fighting Against Cancer Together. FACTORS held it’s annual breast cancer
START (clip X2 community of sisterhood)

Reverend Valerie Storms, Manager of Pastoral Care at Moffitt Cancer Center, opened the 19th Factors Breast Cancer Education Conference Saturday morning at the Marriott Waterside in Tampa.

A record number of attendees turned up for the 8AM event. FACTORS coordinator, Stena Campagna, (clip X1 stena)

Dr. Bradford Carter is the breast program leader at Moffitt. He spoke of the change in the public’s perception of the disease in the past 20 years. (clip X3 dr carter)

Dr. Carter also informed the group how new technology affects how the disease is treated, with finding a cure as the goal that lingers on the horizon. (clip X4 dr carter)

Keynote speaker Annabel Clark is a photographer who used her talents as therapy when her mother, actor Lynn Redgrave, faced cancer in 2002 & 2003. As a way for both mother and daughter to deal with the struggle together, Annabel took pictures from diagnosis to surgery to recovery. (clip x8 annabel; X6 mirror)

Annabel told the story and showed slides of the pictures that became her 2004 book, Journal: A Mother and Daughter’s Recovery From Breast Cancer. (clip X5 scars)

Luncheon speaker Dee Dee Jonrowe is an athlete who overcame breast cancer in 2003, competing in the 1,150 mile Iditarod race just weeks after her last chemo treatment. (clip X9 dee dee)

At the time Dee Dee was satisfied with being able to finish in 18th place. Now a few years back in the musher seat, she found that cancer hasn’t claimed her competitive edge. For the first time in a decade, Dee Dee earned a spot back in the top 5, coming in at number 4. (clip X10)

Afternoon workshops included topics such as The Genetic Connection with speaker Sue Friedman of FORCE and Care for the male caregiver, a workshop for men only.

For the first time in the conference’s history, 2 of the workshops were held in Spanish.

Conference attendee and 5 year bc survivor Bonita Hayes of Riverview has been coming to the conference since her recovery. As a volunteer with the Witness program, a faith based cancer awareness project, she reaches out to other women of color through their churches.
(clip x11 bonita)

More information on becoming involved with FACTORS, can be found at Moffitt.org. To find ongoing Breast Cancer Awareness activities in the Tampa Bay area, go to WMNF.org and click on the community tab.

Reporting for WMNF news, this is Dawn Morgan.

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