From the Associated Press: "Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jim Davis said (today) he would rescind some tax breaks handed out by Republicans in recent years and force the state to pay a larger share of public education costs to create $1 billion in property tax relief.

In his example, Davis said the plan would save the owner of a $225,000 home about $120 annually.

The Tampa congressman conceded he would be trading taxes to a degree to make his plan work, but that his would be more equitable, especially for homeowners. Davis would also like to reinstate the intangibles tax eliminated this year after being reduced several times previously under Gov. Jeb Bush.

"Everything is on the table," said Davis, who hopes his "contract with Florida taxpayers," creates some momentum for him before the Nov. 7 general election. Recent polls show Davis trailing Republican nominee Charlie Crist by double-digit margins.

Davis, however, said he would keep many of the tax breaks that Florida lawmakers have created in recent years, including the "back-to-school" tax holiday, as well as other incentives for buying energy efficient products and goods in preparation of the hurricane season.

Davis said Republicans have given $20 billion dollars in tax breaks the past six years, shifting the cost of education and infrastructure improvements to local governments and property owners."

Jim Davis joined us for this segment of WMNF's afternoon call-in program to discuss his plan and how it would work.

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