Davis fights back on new GOP ad blasting his voting record by Mitch E.Perry


During the Democratic Primary race for Governor, Rod Smith blasted ultimate victor Jim Davis for his poor attendance record in Congress in the past 2 years.

Although Davis survived the primary, some political analysts say Davis never successfully answered the criticism.

Now Davis’ Republican opponent for Governor, Charlie Crist, is ready to define the Tampa area Congressman as a slacker, in a new 30 second television ad being broadcast throughout the state beginning today (roll tape#1 o.q.� elect him Governor�)

In fact, Davis was tagged in a June study by The Washington Post for having the second-worst voting record in the 109th Congress, which began in January 2005.

Congressman Davis defended his voting record during the Primary election, saying that he has a "lifetime record of 93 percent" in casting votes since going to Washington in 1997. He said that percentage includes his nearly two years as a candidate for governor.

But with the ads, paid for by the Florida Republican Party about to go live, the Davis camp obviously believed they had to attack the ads head-on.

South Florida Democrat Robert Wexler says the new ad is wrong, because he himself worked on 2 bills with Davis this past Congressional session.(roll tape#2 o.q.�in the Congress�)

In a press release issued out by the Republican Party of Florida, the state GOP goes even further. They say that since he has missed nearly a 4th of his votes in the past 2 years, that a quarter of his Congressional salary over that time, or $79, 000, Davis owes the taxpayers of Florida. Congressman Wexler says that the GOP ad misrepresents Davis’s Congressional record and leaves out two important bills that he wrote and passed in the just completed session of Congress. Wexler recalled that one of those calls on the Saudi government to reform its education system by eliminating anti-Western hatred from school curriculum (roll tape#3 o.q.�false piece of advertising�)

However reporters on a conference call Thursday afternoon questioned whether Congressman Wexler was truly addressing Davis’ poor attendance record in Congress in then past 2 years, not the amount of legislation he produced. To that, Wexler responded that Davis’ voting attendance was one of the tops in Congress until he began his run for Governor last year (roll tape# 4 “in Washington�)

Meanwhile, 3 new polls on the Governors race have come out within the last 24 hours, and the Davis camp is hyping up the most favorable to them – that being from the Rasmussen Report, which shows that Davis has closed to within 5 percentage points.

But 2 others show a bigger difference ….A Zogby poll has Crist up by 9, and a Mason Dixon Poll has Crist up by 11 point.s

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