Florida AFL-CIO denounces Gus Bilirakis’ Labor Record by Mitch E. Perry


Today local union members and leaders held a press conference in Tampa to release a so-called “report card� on Gus Bilirakis labor record during his 8 years in the state legislature.

Not surprisingly, labor officials say the GOP candidate for Congress in Florida’s 9th District is the wrong choice in his race against Democrat Phyllis Busansky next month.

Floyd Suggs is the President of the West Central Florida Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO.

Suggs read off a list of votes that Gus Bilirakis had cast in the Florida Legislature that he said were against working families in Florida, such as requiring new eligibility requirements for the Kid Care Program, or his support of privatizing the Medicaid system in Florida. In almost all of the cases, the AFL-CIO gave Bilirakis an “F� grade.

When asked by WMNF why pick out Bilirakis among all of the candidates in the Bay Area running that might be perceived to have a record not favorable to labor, Suggs interjected (roll tape#1 o.q.�if he didn’t show up, huh?�)

The Florida AFL-CIO is expected to put a lot of muscle and money in helping support Democrats before next month’s election. The AFL-CIO’s Floyd Suggs says his union would like to share their support across the political landscape. However, (roll tape#2 o.q.�nobody’s listening�)

Floyd Suggs says his group is canvassing and going door-to-door through 12 years, working for Democrats Jim Davis, Stephen Gorham, and Phyllis Busansky.

WMNF called the Gus Bilirakis campaign office for comment. They did not return our call by airtime.

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