Author of humorous new book on Ann Coulter speaks with WMNF by Mitch E. Perry


Last week, conservative commentator Ann Coulter came to Tampa, and took home a quick $35,000 for giving a speech at the University of South Florida – a speech that included hundreds of people walking out to show their disgust at her at times vitriolic comments.

Now comes a new humorous attack on Coulter in the form of a book called “I hate Ann Coulter!�, written by an author who refuses to give his full name, but instead goes by “Unanimous�.

However , published reports say that the writer is actually Joe Maquire, who was soon fired from his job at Reuters after it was discovered that he wrote the book. As you’ll hear in the interview, Maquire refuses to acknowledge his name in promotion of the book. We began it on a serious note, asking him about charges that have surfaced recently that Ann Coulter has plagiarized other writings in some of her recent books, (roll tape#1 o.q.�cheap attention�)

That’s the author who wants to be simply known as “unanimous�….He’s written a new book “I Hate Ann Coulter�, about the acerbic conservative commentator known for creating all sorts of controversy.

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