Washington (and Hillsborough) Democrat(s) dream of House take over by Mitch E. Perry


Based on any many of the national polls taken with just 8 days before the election, some Democrats can almost taste taking back the House of Representatives. Today at Tampa’s Union Station, 2 of them began discussing how that result could ultimately could help the Tampa Bay Area with its transportation needs.

Jacksonville based Congresswoman Corrine Brown met today with Kathy Castor, the The Democratic nominee for the Florida Congressional seat in District 11, the seat being vacated by Jim Davis. Castor, still has an election to win next week against Republican Eddie Adams, Jr.

If the Democrats take the House, Brown is in line to become the next Chair of the Rail Subcommittee under the House Transportation and Infrastructure Commitee. Castor was asked if she was perhaps jumping the gun, considering she hasn’t been elected to anything just yet (roll tape#1 o.q.�lie ahead�)

Congresswoman Brown was scheduled to be briefed by local business leaders on recent efforts to create mass transportation projects in the Tampa Bay Area. There will be a bill introduced in the legislature next year on creating a regional transit authority to look at transit projects in the area. Brown said she looked forward to working with Castor and such an authority on federal funding for such projects (roll tape#2 o.q.�for this region�)

Recently, it was announced that the Orlando area will be getting funding from Washington and the state Department of Transportation to build a commuter rail line. The move comes 7 years after the local government body responsible, the Orange County Commission, voted down a light-rail proposal.

Hillsborough County Commissioners have also not shown an interest in rail of any sort in recent years. Congresswoman Corrine Brown – who represents part of Orlando – said the local community must have their act together to get any help from Washington (roll tape#4 o.q.�that is crucial�)

As the days get closer to the election, Republican attacks on House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi increase. The Congresswoman from San Francisco – who most of the public knows nothing about – is being used as one of the top Republican talking points to vote GOP next week. Congresswoman Corrine Brown says such attacks indicate Republicans lack of idea (roll tape#5 o.q.�clearly we need a change�)

Win or lose next win, Democrat Kathy Castor is leaving the Hillsborough County Commision after 4 years. She says based on the rules, this coming Wednesday’s meeting may be her last as a commissioner.

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