Jewett on Shaw- Klein race by Mitch E. Perry


Bloomberg news reported today that national republicans are shifting priorities in the waning days of the Congressional campaign, and are pouring more money into Florida to protect endangered House members while scaling back in Ohio and Pensylvania.


The Republican Congressional Campaign Committee has spent more than $666,000 in the last week for South Florida Republican, engaged in an intense battle against Democratic State Senator in the 22nd Congressional district, which takes in beachside and suburban communities from mid-Broward County to the northern end of Palm Beach County. The Republican Campaign Congressional Committee overall has spent over $3 million dollars in support of longtime Congressman Clay Shaw, getting a serious challenge from Democratic State Senator Ron Klein.

Bloomberg reports that National Money is also being funneled to Vern Buchanon, locked in a tight battle with Democrat Christine Jennings In Florida’s 13th Congressional District.

Last week President Bush campaigned for Buchanon. Previously, Dick Cheney came into Sarasota for a fundraiser.

But when it comes to actually sending money to help Buchanon, the national Republican Party is spent very little.

That’s according to They report that the GOP has spent just $68,000 in the race to replace Katherine Harris.

But in the Klein-Shaw race, Overall, including 527 groups, over $10 million dollars has been spent in the race…

Aubrey Jewett is a professor of Political Science at the University of Central Florida. He’s been watching this race closely (roll tape#1 o.q.�for sure�)

Back on the Sarasota race – one reason why the National Republican Congressional Committee hasn’t been spending a lot of money on the campaign is because Vern Buchanon has been . Buchanon’s owner of car dealerships, has an estimated wealth of $50 million. He’s spent nearly 10% of it on trying to win this seat against Christine Jennings. Jennings had boasted of leading by 11% points recently, but Republicans say Buchanon has narrowed that gap . Again, UCF Political Science Professor Aubrey Jewett (roll tape#2 o.q.� a decent shot there “)

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