Joe Viscusi for Congress by Mitch E. Perry


One local Congressional race that has received virtually no media play is in the District, where young Adam Putnam is looking to be elected to his 4th term in Congress, and he’s only 32.

The Republican has never had much competition since he won the open seat back in 2000. And he’s moved quickly up the House leadership. Earlier this year, he became the Chairman of the House Republican Policy Committee, the 5th highest ranking Republican position in the House. Even after 6 years in Congress, he is still the 2nd youngest member in the chamber.

Putnam does have competition, both non-affiliated candidates.

One of those representatives is Ed Bowlin, the other is Joe Viscusi.

Viscusi is one of those candidates…The 53 year old Assistant School Principal in Bartow does have political experience, having served in the Florida Legislature in 1990 thru 1992. Joe Viscusi visited the WMNF Studios this morning for an interview. We began by asking why he left the Democratic Party?

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That’s independent candidate Joe Viscusi, running for Congress in the 12 District, where he is a heavy underdog against Republican Adam Putnam.

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