The Associated Press reported yesterday: "(AP) - The case of Terry Schiavo was one of the issues that surfaced in the final gubernatorial debate on Monday night. Republican Charlie Crist said that he and his Democratic opponent Jim Davis agreed that politicians shouldn't have interfered in the Terri Schiavo right-to-die case. When the debate moderator Chris Matthews, of M-S-N-B-C's "Hardball with Chris Matthews," asked Crist if he spoke out when Congress became involved in the case, he said, "Yes I did." Davis shot back, "No he didn't." Davis said Crist refused to take a position. Crist defended his statement afterward, saying that not speaking out was his way of taking a stand in the Schiavo debate."

In this segment on WMNF George Felos, the attorney for Michael Schiavo, said AG Crist's office was active in the Schiavo case. As he wrote in a piece in today's Florida Sun Sentinel "The fact is that Crist's debate proclamations are false. Not only did he not stay out, he played a critical role in Florida's state-sponsored violation of Terri Schiavo's constitutional rights. I know because I was there."

Felos says that Crist's office played the major role in forcing Terri Schiavo to undergo surgery to implant a feeding tube. Felos said attorney's for both the AG's office and the Governor were at the hearing, but only the AG's attorney made arguments at the hearing. The Governor's attorney was silent. To read Felos' op-ed piece go to:,0,4379542.story?coll=sfla-news-opinion

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