GOP AG candidate Bill Mc Collum talks to WMNF by Mitch E. Perry


Various Polls show the Florida Attorney General’s race to be too close to call, 4 days away from the election.

Tonight we speak again with the Republican candidate, former Orlando Area Congressman Bill McCollum. We’ll speak with Democrat Skip Campbell on Monday.

Bill McCollum has been out of politics since he lost to Bill Nelson in the race for U.S. Senate in 2000…He also lost to Mel Martinez 2 years ago in a brutal GOP Primary race for Senate. Pundits say if he loses next week, his future in politics may be over.

We began our conversation with the wanna be AG by asking him about a report in today’s St. Petersburg Times. One of the mandates of the Attorney General’s job is to go after drug companies accused of Medicare and Medicaid Fraud….The St. Petersburg Times reported today that there is some concern because while in Congress ,McCollum filed a bill that would have protected those companies. In 2005, Florida’s Attorney General collected more than $76 million in fraud settlements – So we asked Bill McCollum, if elected Attorney General, would he react with that same level of aggressive ness towards the drug companies? (roll tape#1 o.q.�that’s currently running�)

That’s Bill McCollum, the Republican nominee for Attorney General…Most polls show him in a dead heat with his Democratic Opponent, Skip Campbell…We’ll hear from Skip Campbell on Monday Evening’s Newscast.

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