As the unfolding the Reverend Ted Haggard gay sex scandal makes headlines, today the Jim Davis campaign and Democratic Party of Florida released a curious statement. In it Jim Davis stated that –quote – “allegations about Charlie Crist’s personal life are not and should not be an issue in this campaign.�

The allegations about Crist have to do with two articles published this past week by the Broward Palm Beach New Times alternative weekly newspaper. In them journalist Bob Norman, the reporter who outed Mark Foley in 2003, has statements from four different people naming two men Charlie Crist has had sexual relationships with. Crist denies the allegations.


Jason Wetherington had worked as a field director for Katherine Harris’s campaign. Norman asked him whether he had been involved with Crist.


Another name came up in both of Norman’s articles, that of Bruce Carlton Jordan. He’s the man more than one person has alleged is Charlie Crist’s gay lover. He’s also a convicted felon. Crist denies knowing Jordan, even though in 2003 Crist spoke at an event for the Florida Funeral Directors Association, which Jordan headed. More recently Crist and Jordan met on the campaign trail.


On the newspaper’s website is a videotaped sworn statement from Dee Dee Hall who traveled with the Katherine Harris campaign this summer. Hall swears that Harris’s former travel aide Bruce Jordan confided in her that he was exclusively involved with Charlie Crist.


Reporter Bob Norman spoke with Bruce Jordan’s father, Albert.


Norman said he was not able to find or contact Bruce Jordan. WMNF found Jordan, who is on probation, in Bushnell after checking public records on the Florida Department of Corrections website. When asked if he knew Charlie Crist, Jordan declined to comment.

The Charlie Crist campaign also will not speak on the topic. Spokeswoman Erin Isaacs said she was “not going to dignify it with a comment�.

The St Petersburg Times reports that today on the campaign trail Crist was asked by reporters about his sexual orientation following Bob Norman’s articles. In Orlando he called the allegations “silly season junk� and said he did not know Bruce Jordan. In Fort Myers a reporter for NBC-2 asked Crist if he were gay. Crist answered – quote -- "I've said no. I've answered it over and over again."

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