Democrat Skip Campbell running for Attorney General by Mitch E. Perry


In the Florida Attorney General race, a statewide Television ad being run by Republican Bill McCollum suggests that his Democratic opponent, Skip Campbell isn't ethically qualified to be Florida's next attorney general because of a controversial 2001 adoption bill.

The ad attacks Campbell for sponsoring a version of the adoption bill, because of a requirement that mothers who wanted to give a child up for adoption had to publish legal ads in newspapers,listing the men they'd slept with who might be fathers.

But on Friday, Thomas Sasser, a Republican and chairman of the family law section of the Florida Bar, came out and criticized the ad, saying it was dishonest.

WMNF spoke with Skip Campbell today, and asked him about the ad (roll tape#1 o.q.�Please go out and vote�)

That’s the Democratic candidate for Attorney General, Skip Campbell. We spoke with his Republican opponent, Bill McCollum, on Friday

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