Kevin White and Ken Anthony compete for Hillsborough County Commission seat by Mitch E. Perry


One of the more interesting races in Hillsborough County will be the race to replace Thomas Scott in District 3, which encompasses most of East Tampa Seminole Heights, as well as West Tampa. This radio station at 1210 East Martin Luther King sits right in the middle of the district, and today both of the candidates in the race, Democrat Kevin White and Republican Ken Anthony, came by the WMNF studios to discuss their candidacies.

Kevin White is a former Tampa Police officer who now works for Rooms to Go as the head of their corporate Security….He’s been on the Tampa City Council since 2003, but is looking to move on up to the County Commission. We began our conversation by asking him about a report that has looked at the City of Tampa’s record in recent years in hiring women and minority owned businesses. White has been active on the City Council to see how the City will improve its record, based on this Disparity Study. We asked White where the city was in the process? (roll tape#1 o.q. “for years gone by�)

That’s Tampa City Councilman Kevin White, running for County Commissioner…

He faces Ken Anthony. Anthony owns a State Farm Insurance Agency, and is running as a Republican. He is a former Democrat, but told WMNF that he switched political parties when he believes the national Democratic Party disrespected Jesse Jackson, after his presidential runs in the 1980’s (roll tape#2 o.q. “to this area�)

That’s Ken Anthony, the Republican candidate looking to succeed Thomas Scott in Hillsborough County’s 3rd District. He faces Kevin White in tomorrow’s election.

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