Today in downtown St Petersburg, about three dozen supporters rallied with the Democratic US Congressional candidate Samm Simpson outside the office of her opponent. US Representative for District 10, Bill Young. While many believe Young will hold onto the seat he has served for 36 years, Simpson’s anti-war, anti-GOP message seems to capture the mood of a nation crying out for change. WMNF’s Roxanne Escobales reports.

On the corner of 4th Street and Central Avenue outside the building where US Representative Bill Young’s local office is located, dozens of Simpson supporters gathered to hear their candidate speak.

ACT: What we want to do is take our nation back. What we want to do is stop this war. (cheers)

District 10 Democratic congressional candidate Samm Simpson rallied her supporters the old fashioned way: Speaking through a megaphone on the back of pick up truck. And while her method may be from a simpler era, her message is uniquely early 21st century America.


Echoing the growing national distaste for the Iraq war, Samm Simpson had a message for the president, whose approval rating is at an all-time low before mid-term elections.


[Samm chant then under] Waving yellow campaign signs, the Simpson supporters spoke of a deep need for change.

ACT: VOX POPS [samm chant up then f.o.]

Samm Simpson bills herself as a rookie grandmother against an established frontrunner and veteran congressman. While political observers say her fresh approach will not be enough to upset long-serving Bill Young, she has generated more excitement than thought possible a few months ago.

For WMNF News in downtown St Petersburg, I’m Roxanne Escobales.

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