Violence at a Dunedin Polling Station by Mitch E. Perry


There was a report of violence at one polling station in Dunedin this morning. It involved supporters of Chris Hrabovsky, a Democrat running for the Florida House in District 45 in Pinellas County.

Hrabovsky said the incident took place at Precinct 540, at the corner of Scotland & Highland, where the voting site is a church. That’s when supporters were distributing literature when 3 poll workers took issue with such campaigning, though Hrabovsky says it was done far away from where people were actually voting (roll tape#1 .q. “Way outside’)

Hrabovsky said he was 7 parking spaces from the nearest red cones, placed in the Church parking lot, denoting where only voters could pass. He defines what he meant by assault(roll tape#2 o.q.�that’s where we are right now�)

Nancy Whitlock is a spokeswoman for the Supervisor of Elections office in Pinellas County. She says that the problem was that the owners of private property can control what happens on their land, regardless of whether it’s legal to electioneer (roll tape#3 o.q.�from losing a polling place�)

That incident taking place in Dunedin this morning

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