Election Day 2006 – Jim Davis in Tampa -- by Seán Kinane


Today is election day. Gubernatorial candidate Jim Davis visited two precincts in Tampa to speak with voters. WMNF’s Seán Kinane has this report.

“The headlines are going to say that Davis pulls an upset.�

That was Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Jim Davis at just after seven o’clock this morning. He visited the Peninsular Baptist Church, which is Precinct 107 in South Tampa to talk with supporters who were waving signs and greeting voters.

Just before the polls opened at seven o’clock, about thirty people stood in line to vote at this precinct. Many were there early because they wanted to vote before going to work and expected voting to go quickly.

[ACT – votersinline.wav 33 sec]

Minutes later, voters started filing out of the precinct, having voted successfully, and reported no troubles and short lines.

[ACT – votersafter.wav 40 sec]

Jim Davis was optimistic that these voters were voting for him and voting for change.

“In this campaign for governor, Charlie Crist has spent 40 million dollars against me, 8 million from the insurance industry and I think people have had it and I think today we get to send the message that we need change.�

At eight o’clock this morning Jim Davis met with supporters at the West Tampa Convention Center, where residents of Precinct 205 were voting. WMNF asked Davis what he thought about his opponent Charlie Crist refusing to appear at a campaign stop with President George Bush yesterday.

“I think this is classic Charlie Crist. Charlie Christ has campaigned side-by-side with the president, taken millions of dollars from the president as well as the insurance companies. And now that the president is remarkably unpopular, Charlie Crist is refusing to stand up side-by-side with him. We need a governor who is willing to stand up for what he believes in whether it’s popular or not. Jeb Bush has been that kind of governor, I will be that kind of governor.�

Reporting for WMNF News, I’m Seán Kinane

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