The state says Florida’s efforts to save the manatee have paid off. And they want to make some changes that reflect their success. Manatee advocates don’t agree and say that the what the state calls success looks a lot like a new assault on the marine mammal. Stan Davis has the story…

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Two days after the elections, Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission released its draft of the state’s new plan for the management of manatees. And it has some manatee advocates up in arms about its intent to remove existing protections for the animals. WMNF spoke with Patrick Rose, Executive Director of the Save the Manatee Club…

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[Actuality 1- Stan & Pat- “…There’s been a plan …�]

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, though, doesn’t see its efforts in the same light. We asked Commission spokesperson, Willie Puz to explain this draft proposal from the state’s perspective…

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[Actuality 2- Puz- “…We’ve gone through a yearlong process …make the state’s manatee management better.�]

Again, Floridians have until January 11, 2007 to participate in the final draft of the Manatee Management Proposal.

Outro: That was WMNF’s Stan Davis reporting.

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