MEL WHITE PART II by Mitch E. Perry


The Reverend Ted Haggard says he’s about to embark on a process of rehabilitation known as “spiritual restoration�, an ancient practice that could take years to complete.

Haggard has been in turmoil ever since he was accused of having extramarital relations with a male prostitute and was forced to resign as president of the National Association of Evangelicals and senior pastor of the 14,000 member New Life Church in Colorado Springs.

According to the Reverend Rick Busby, head of Busby Ministries in August Georgia, the steps involved in spiritual restoration include submitting, admitting , restitution and being humbled.

The Reverend Mel White is the author of the new book, “Religion Gone Bad�. It’s the sequel, in a sense, to his 1994 book, “Stranger at the Gate�, which details his former career in the religious right and his struggle to come to terms with being gay. In the 2nd part of an interview we conducted with Mel White recently, before the Haggard revelations hit the street, White told WMNF about his struggles with himself, and his church, in coming to terms with being gay (roll tape#1 o.q.�and that’s what scares me�)

That’s Mel White…He’s the author of the new book, “Religion Gone Bad�…He spoke with WMNF last month.

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