Terrorism critic assails 'inflated' national security threats by Mitch E. Perry


Terrorism is obviously a threat, and the deliberate killing of innocent civilians an outrage, but it is not a very big threat.

In Ohio State Political Science Professor John Mueller’s new book “Overblown�, he writes that the probability of an American being killed by terrorists is about the same as of being felled by an allergic reaction to peanuts. He also writes that 6 times more Americans are killed every year by drunk drivers than died in the World Trade Center And that excepting a few particularly bad years, the annual number of deaths from terrorism worldwide since the late 1960s, when the State Department started record-keeping, is only about the same as the number of Americans who drown every year in bathtubs.

In the 2nd part of our interview with the author, we pick up from we left off last night by asking Professor Mueller about journalist Ron Suskind’s book published this summer called“The One Percent Doctrine – that � refers to an operating principle that he says Vice President Dick Cheney articulated shortly after 9/11: …That is, ''if there was even a 1 percent chance of terrorists getting a weapon of mass destruction -- -- the United States must now act as if it were a certainty�

We asked John Mueller if his entire book is a rebuke to that philosophy (roll tape#1 o.q.�much more constrained�) That’s Ohio State Political Science Professor John Mueller, author of the new book, “Overblown�.

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