Zephryllhills City Council member nearly goes 48 hours as a Homeless man by Mitch E. Perry


Luis Lopez is a City Council member for the city of Zephryhills, and has been working for a mental health agency over the past few years. He says that his experience working with several members of the homeless people in his job compelled him to want to do more for the homeless, to ‘walk the walk’, as it were.

So this past weekend, he literally did that – deciding to go for 48 hours as homeless person, beginning at 6AM last Friday morning. He hit the streets with no wallet, but did carry his ID and a cell phone, just in case. And he did inform the Zephryhills Police Department what he was doing (roll tape#1 o.q.�come pick me up�)

That’s Zephyrillhills City Council member Luis Lopez. He spent over 40 hours being homeless in Tampa this past weekend to observe what it’s actually like.

He says his family was initially suspect about his adventure, but says after he told them about his experience, he says they’re now volunteering Metropolitican Ministries.

He also says a church in Zephryhills contacted him yesterday and is now working with him on a food drive.

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