David Beckman from the Bread for the World Institute talks about the 2007 Farm Bill by Mitch E. Perry


According to the New York City Coalition against hunger, nearly 1 in 6 residents in New York could not afford to buy enough food during the 3 year period ended last year.

Meanwhile, last week the advocacy group Bread for the World released its 2007 Hunger Report: “Healthy Food, Farms, & Families.

The Reverend David Beckman is President of Bread for the World Institute. He spoke to WMNF earlier this week – specifically about the Farm Bill, that was signed by President Bush in 2002. It’s set to expire next year, and Beckham told WMNF that his group would like to see it reauthorized, but with several significant changes (roll tape#1 o.q.� and around the world��)

That’s The reverend David Beckham, from the group Bread for the World Institute, discussing the Farm Bill that will come before the Congress sometime next year.

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