Right Wing Site Goes After Mel Martinez


Last month parts of the right wing blogosphere went ballistic when Florida Senator Mel Martinez was named to become the Republican National Committee.

Anti-Immigration advocates in particular took umbrage at the selection of the junior Senator. The Cuban born Martinez was one of the leading GOP Senators to get behind immigration legislation supported by President Bush that was derided as ‘amnesty’ among conservative critics.

And now a whole website has been created to try to stop Martinez before the official vote, which will take place among Republican National Committee members next month.

It’s called Stopmartinez.com, and its created by the group English First, which has been around for 2 decades trying to stop bi-lingual education efforts and promote English only language legislation.

Jim Boulet is Executive Director of English First, and the one of the creators of the website (roll tape#1 o.q.�fingernails on the blackboard�)

The debate amongst Republicans on immigration raged throughout this year, and ultimate immigration reform went by the way side. But a more conservative measure that would allow for the creation of a 700 mile fence along the Mexican U.S. border was passed, although the funding for it has not yet.

IN last month’s election, exit polls show only 29% of Latinos voted for Republican candidates, a drop off of more than 10 percentage points from the 2004 election. A variety of issues, predominatly the Iraq war, have been cited by pollsters for that drop – but some Republicans harsh rhetoric towards illegal immigrants no doubt also contributed.

Jim Boulet from the group English First disagrees that an anti-illegal immigrant position will hurt the GOP with Latinos (roll tape#2 o.q.�this will cover the group�)

That website is stopmartinez.com

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