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On Saturday at the Oldsmar plant of weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin on Tampa Road, St. Pete for Peace held a protest against the corporation’s war profiteering. WMNF’s Seán Kinane reports.

“Well, we’re out here peaceful protest against Lockheed Martin because they make the weapons that kill innocent people. And we’re on the public sidewalk. And we’re just expressing our opinion that it’s not just the government that’s guilty in all the imperial wars of the United States but it’s the weapon makers and its all those who support the war.�

That was Chris Ernesto from St Pete For Peace describing why he and about a dozen others held signs outside the Oldsmar facility of Lockheed Martin.

According to the Lockheed Martin website, the corporation posted third quarter 2006 net earnings of $629 million, up 47% from the same quarter last year. Net sales for the first nine months of 2006 were $28.8 billion, a 7% increase over last year.

One of the protesters, Tony Thomas, explained why his sign had dollar bills stapled to it.

“War is a Racket. It says “Troops Die, Bush’s Buddies Get Richer.� They represent the profits that are being made by companies like Lockheed Martin and Bechtel and Halliburton and GE and on and on. I’m just against war for profit in general. I’m against the influence that these companies have with our government, in taking us to war unjustly. Just follow the money.�

A Lockheed representative had Sheriffs officers tell the protesters to move signs they had brought a few feet closer to the sidewalk. When they complied, two protesters were given trespass warnings for crossing onto private property. One was Donald Shiffler.

“When he asked us to remove our signs and that’s what I was doing. And for that I got trespassed? I had to go on his property to get the signs off. I mean it’s a Catch 22, you know.�

The CorpWatch website calls Lockheed Martin the world's #1 military contractor and the world’s largest arms exporter. According to the site, the corporation contributed over 2.2 million dollars to political campaigns in the 2004 election cycle and had 19.4 billion dollars of military contracts in 2005. They (quote) “made millions through insider trading, falsifying accounts, and bribing officials.� (end-quote)

WMNF asked some of the other participants in Saturday’s rally against Lockheed Martin’s war profiteering what their signs said and why they were protesting.

“Melissa Baird. On one side it says ‘Bring the troops home now’ on the other side it says ‘Impeach the lying spying bastard.’ It really refers to the entire Bush administration but specifically it refers to George W. Bush. And I believe that he and Cheney in particular need to be impeached and if we can get the rest of the administration with them, more power to us. The real major war profiteers like Haliburton, KBR and the rest of the subsidiaries are not based in our area so we can’t be in front of them; Lockheed Martin is the next best thing. The blood of our citizens is on their hands.�

“My sign says “Lockheed builds death.� It means we’re protesting in front of this factory here because they make weapons of destruction and they profit from it. And we just want to make the public aware of this. That’s what’s happening here. So they’re just as much involved in it as someone killing people.�

“Kim Thomas. My sign says “Lockheed Martin, War Profiteer.� It means to me I agree with Dennis Kucinich, the way we’re going to stop this war is to stop funding it. And we need to make people realize where our money is going and who is profiting. And I think that once the people realize what’s going on, they’ll want to stop the war, too. Bring them home now.�

There was one counter protester who held a sign denouncing the protesters. He told WMNF his name, what his sign said, and why he was there with his moped.

“Richard Bennet [?]. ‘I’m With Stupid.’ I don’t even work here. I drove by and I saw that and said, ‘well, it’s my turn.’ Why don’t you ask them how they got here today? Did they drive that [moped]? Do they even own one of these? Look at this, 90 miles per gallon. What do they get in their SUVs?�

Donald Schiffler responded:

“No, I drive a Honda accord, I don’t drive an SUV; I don’t own an SUV�

WMNF attempted to contact Lockheed Martin but they did not respond by airtime. To find out about Lockheed, visit

If you want to get involved with St Pete For Peace, visit

For WMNF News, reporting from Oldsmar, I’m Seán Kinane


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Corp Watch’s War Profiteers page on Lockheed Martin

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