Evan Bayh Out as Presidential contender by Mitch E. Perry


Over the weekend, Indiana Senator Evan Bayh stunned the political world when he announced that he would NOT run for the Democratic Nomination for Presiden.

That news came less than 2 weeks after Bayh had announced the creation of an official exploratory committee, a first step candidates do before generally declaring their candidacy.

Bayh had been running hard in the last year, making frequent trips to New Hampshire and Iowa, the critical first stops on the Primary Presidential Calendar.

And he was proving to be effective at fundraising. His Senate campaign had over $10 million dollars in the bank as of the first of October – that money could legally be transferred to a presidential campaign fund.

Former Tampa City Councilman Bob Buckhorn works as a political consultant with the Dewey Square Group. He hosted a fundraiser for Bayh earlier this year in Tampa, and admits that Bayh’s announcement over the weekend that he will NOT run in ’08 is stunner (roll tape#1 o.q.� as long as he chooses to “)

For the last year, Democrats have generally discussed New York Senator Hillary Rodham C linton as a sure contender for the nomination, along with a host of lesser lights, including Sentor Bayh, and Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack, the first officially declared Democrat to enter the race.

But the emergence of Illinois freshman Senator Barack O’Bama as a potential candidate has electrified the race, and perhaps speeded up Mrs. Clinton’s timetable to announce her candidacy.

Senator Clinton said on NBC’s Today Show this morning that she’ll make her decision on whether or not to run after the first of the year (roll tape#2 o.q.�for my country�)

Evan Bayh is the 2nd big name Democrat to drop out of the race in the past few months. In October, former Virginia governor Mark Warner stunningly quit the race, for no apparent reason. Dubbed “The Un-Hillary�, some analysts thought the moderate Virginian posed a strong threat to Clinton.

According to the website Political Insider, Warner is now contemplating a return to the campaign.

Bob Buckhorn, a member of the centrist leaning Democratic Leadership Council, says that Evan Bayh and Mark Warner were solid Democrats who had a realistic chance of winning the nomination. WMNF asked Buckhorn if he’s now searching for a moderate Democratic candidate to support (roll tape#3 o.q.� getting out of a primary�)

That’s Bay News 9 Political analyst Bob Buckhorn, speaking to WMNF about Indiana Senator Evan Bayh’s decision over the weekend to drop out of the race for President.

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