Legal Action Being Considered by Diaz’ family in death penalty by Mitch E. Perry


Last Friday, Governor Jeb Bush announced a halt to executions in Florida pending the outcome of an investigation by a special panel into the circumstances of inmate Angel Diaz’ execution last week….Bush called for a quasi-moratorium after a medical examiner suggested that Diaz’s execution was botched.

It took 34 minutes, and 2 doses of the deadly chemicals to kill Diaz Witnesses said that he appeared pained, as he grimaced, flexed his jaw, and opened his mouth while dying.

There will be 11 members on the Commission, including 5 appointed by the Governor, that will study lethal-injection drugs and the procedures for using them. Bush said the appointees will represent a cross-section of the scientific, medical, law enforcement and legal communities.

  1. Todd Doss is the attorney representing Diaz’ family. He says he’s concerned about who will be named to the special panel investigated Diaz’ death (roll tape#1 o.q.�and protocols�)

Doss says he’s skeptical of any information eminanting from the Department of Corrections , after what he says has been serious misinformation from office since last Tuesday night’s execution (roll tape#2 o.q.�since that time�)

Mark Elliot is with the group, Floridians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty. He calls the moratorium on the death penalty long overdue in Florida (roll tape#3 o.q. “ in the year 2000�)

The botched execution of Angel Diaz marks a passage in Florida’s at times embarrassing problems with state sanctioned executions. Lethal Injection has been the method to kill death row immates since the stopped electrocuting inmates in 2000. Prior to that, 2 different inmates heads were set on fire during the 1990’s.

But although some are horrified by how Angel Diaz died last week, there are just as many people who says his suffering is irrelevant. On Monday, the St. Petersburg Times published several letters to the editor criticizing the concern for Diaz, and not his victim.

Palm Harbor resident Bud Trill wrote, “I don’t care if it had taken 3 doses…as far as I’m concerned he should have fried like the old timers were�

But anti death penalty advocate Mark Elliot says that the voices crying out for vengeance should not be listened too (roll tape#4 o.q.�what takes place after this�)

The Diaz family will transport Angel Diaz’ body to Puerto Rico for burial there within the next few days..

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