What: Sleep Out with the Homeless

When: Friday, December 22th at 900pm

Where: BayWalk in St. Petersburg

Why: Because the City has not met the demands of the homeless and their supporters, which include opening the public Bathrooms 24/7, a safe zone for the homeless to sleep outside unharassed, a 75 bed low criteria 24/7 shelter within 6 months, and a moritorium on all arrests of the homeless for public trespassing and sleeping outdoors in public areas, and in recognition of the Escalating harassment of the homeless in St. Petersburg by Downtown Business interests, Condo Associations, the City and Law Enforcement.

How: A Protest, March, and Sleep Out in Solidarity with the Homeless, begining with a Food Not Bombs Picnic with the Homeless in Williams Park at 7:45pm, March at 8:45 pm, Protest at 9:15 pm, and Sleep Out thereafter

Who: Concerned Citizens, Advocates, the homeless and formerly homeless, The Refuge, St. Pete For Peace, Food not Bombs, Critical Resistance, The Poor People's Economic Human Right Campaign, Local Attorney and Clergy, FAVOC, CRYS, Churches and others

Contact: Rev. Bruce Wright, 727 278 1547, 727 821 7050, or email for more info.

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