Ralph Eubanks, the current Director of Publishing at the Library of Congress, was devastated to discover that his parents were on the State Sovereignty Commission’s infamous “black list� - a list of people living in Mississippi at the time that the state considered a danger to Jim Crowe segregation laws. While researching his family roots, Eubanks’ startling discovery motivated him to explore deeper into the files of the Sovereignty Commission that gave birth to his new book, Ever Is a Long Time: A Journey into Mississippi’s Dark Past (Basic Books).

EVER IS A LONG TIME is filled with personal revelatory moments and strikingly captures what it was like to grow up black in Mississippi in the 1960s. Against the backdrop of the Medgar Evers and Martin Luther King assassinations, forcible school integration and violent bus boycotts, we see the complexities of life in a racially divided small town and the high price enacted on all of its citizens. With searing stories that bring the Civil Rights era to life, as well as interviews with those who were involved in the spying activities in Mississippi, this memoir is a poignant picture of one man coming to terms with his southern legacy, and a fascinating look back at a time of struggle and change.

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