Iorio announces re-election bid



Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio announced her bid for re-election today.  And the way things look, she should have no problem getting another 4 years from the voters.


Among the accomplishments Iorio is touting as she runs again is a near 30 percent decrease in crime.  Also, the beginnings of her long term plan to address storm water problems, and the increased development of condominums and hotels in downtown Tampa.


But its what she says she hopes to accomplish in her 2nd term that could have significant effects in Tampa.  That is, helping to bring mass transit to Tampa.(roll tape#1 o.q.”make it happen”)

When asked if she thinks mass transit in Tampa could solidify her legacy , Iorio said she wasn’t comfortable with that term – but said the job of elected officials like herself is simply to solve problems (roll tape#2o.q.” connects the counties”)


Iorio says she has been studying how other communities were able to bring mass transit to their cities, and says she intends to invite the former Mayors of Salt Lake City and Denver to talk about how they’ve done it. (roll tape#3 o.q.”we are behind”)


Iorio said she was waiting to offer her thoughts on what to do with the troubled Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority, but she maintained her disdain on the proposed beltway project


When asked about her biggest accomplishment in her near 4 years in office, Iorio stayed basic, saying for her it’s been about working on neighborhood concerns.


Regarding her disappointments, Iorio said she wished the whole odesee of where the next home for the Tampa Art Museum has been so divisive (roll tape#4 o.q.” I don’t think that’s been positive”)


Although the Mayor faces little competition – as of yet – she is not popular with everybody in the City.


The St. Petersburg Times reported last week that Iorio has alienated certain groups – such as developers, surprised at the water impact fee instituted in her first year in office.  Also many city employees have been concerned about how many of their former colleagues have been let go over the last 4 years.


But as of yet, the only potential candidate that has excited the Iorio critics is former Mayor Dick Greco, the man Iorio succeeded in 2003.


Recently, two poll were conducted  to determine Greco’s viability against Iorio.  Iorio said she had seen the results of one such poll, but played coy with reporters, saying she was bound not to reveal what it said…(roll tape#5 o.q.”so I’m not going to share it”)


Other than Marion Lewis, the other announced candidates are Gregory Olague and Arthur Richardson the 3rd.


Wayne Garcia is a columnist for Creative Loafing.  He says that as it stands now, Mayor Iorio will be easily re-elected, and should be, based on what she promised voters 4 years ago.  (roll tape#1 o.q.”should she get one”)


That’s Creative loafing Political columnist Wayne Garcia, talking to WMNF about Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio’s announcement today that she will run for re-election this March.






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