State Senator Fasano blasts Insurance comments



Yesterday the CEO of the most powerful business lobbying group in Florida,

Barney Bishop of Associated Industries of Florida, said that insurance rates have been suppressed in Florida.  And he added that rates are going to have to rise.


Speaking in Tallahasee yesterday, Bishop said that even though Florida had no hurricane last year, rates are already headed for a nearly 10 percent hike in the first days of 2007

(roll tape#1 o.q.”we want pre-CAT funding”) 


Bishop said there’s no quick fix to Florida’s Property Insurance woes, but he does have some long-term ideas (roll tape#2 o.q.”in the face of future hurricanes”)


Florida lawmakers meet in 11 days to conduct a special session on how to contend with the Property Insurance Crises.


New Port Richey State Senator Mike Fasano was one of the few Republicans who voted against the insurance bill that the Legislature approved last year.  He said he was appalled by Bishop’s comments that insurates rates have been suppressed (roll tape#1 o.q.”$44 billion dollars”)


Senator Fasano says he’s been working on several pieces of legislation for the special legislative session scheduled to begin later this month.  .  One includes the creation of a giant program for certain homeowners to receive direct cash assistance to be used towards paying their increased insurance rates (roll tape#4 o.q.”premium payments”)


State Democrats and consumer advocates have condemned the bill that passed the legislature last year that attempted to alleviate the property insurance situation in Florida….Senator Fasano’s bill will no doubt be one of many that  will be debated in the special session…But we asked him if he’s confident that there is consensus among his fellow Republicans to start putting more pressure on the insurance companies to help out homeowners in Florida? (roll tape#5 o.q.”would have been a failure”)


That’s New Port Richey State Senator Mike Fasano….Tonight there will be a Town Hall Discussion on the Insurance crises in Tampa….That takes place at the University Area Community Center …..That’s at 14013 N. 22nd St. in Tampa, beginning at 6 and going to 9PM.  



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